Process Chemistry

Process Chemistry

Process Chemistry

Process development work for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) is carried out by the Chemical Process Research Laboratory, which focuses on developing commercially viable eco-friendly processes for intermediates and APIs for the regulated global markets.



  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Catalytic hydrogenations
  • Organic transformations of wide and varied types
  • Classical and dynamic resolutions
  • Asymmetric synthesis using chiral pool, enantio /diastereo-selective reactions
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Green chemistry
  • Biocatalysis


  • Development of novel/non-infringing processes for APIs
  • Development of environment friendly processes
  • Development of Chiral APIs
  • Ability to comply with ICH guidelines
  • Synthesis, isolation and characterization of impurities
  • Expertise in handling pyrophoric reagents
  • Expertise in very low temperature (-85 deg C) reactions


  • Development of in-process analytical methods
  • Isolation and identification of impurities
  • Enantiomer separation using chiral HPLC/GC columns
  • Preparative TLC/HPLC


  • Synthesis of novel Polymorphs
  • Synthesis of amorphous forms using lyophilization, spray drying or solvent evaporation techniques
  • Development of novel processes for known Polymorphs
  • Quantification studies of Polymorphs using IR/DSC/XRPD
  • Determination of Polymorph stability
  • Modern laboratory supported by state-of-the-art instrumentation facility
  • On-line search facilities for information mining
  • 1 to 25 L capacity high pressure SS/Glass/Hastalloy autoclaves
  • Parallel synthesizer with calorimetric probe
  • GCs, HPLCs
  • Micronisation facilities to obtain particle size right from <5
  • Surface area determination
  • X-ray crystallographic capabilities for polymorphism studies
  • Multipurpose plant with a combination of 21 GLR and SS reactors
  • Preparative scale HPLC
  • 2L Autolab system with calorimetry

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