About Us

We are a 62 year old leading healthcare company which began as a joint venture with USV&P Inc. USA, a subsidiary of Revlon. Our product offering today includes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Fixed Dosages Formulations (FDF), Peptides, Biosimilars and Injectables. These are manufactured in our cGMP compliant plants located in India.

We market our products globally to 65+ countries.

In India we are recognised for our leadership in the Oral Anti-Diabetic market where we rank #1 by Rx and Value. In the Cardiovascular diseases segment we are #1 by Rx and rank #4 by Value. We rank 15th in the Indian Pharmaceutical market and 2nd in the covered market. (source: Awacs MAT August 2023).

Our international business consists of:

  • A large portfolio of small molecule APIs. Of the 51 products in our portfolio, 33 APIs are commercially available, while others are in various stages of development. Our special skills include production and characterization of polymorphs and particle sizing
  • A portfolio of Finished Dosages. These include immediate release, modified release and products with 'complex' characteristics which are promoted through ANDA filings and Dossiers linked to supply.

Our spend of 3% of sales on R&D ensures that we are able to deliver on our research portfolio. We have over 100,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space with excellent infrastructure. Our research is driven by a team of 265 scientists including 1 doctor, 19 PhDs and 245 post-graduates , many of whom have studied in universities in USA, Europe and Japan. Our intellectual property portfolio consists of patent filings for 15 inventions of which 12 have been granted.

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