Brand Building

Brand Building

Brand nurturing and brand building are at the core of USV's marketing philosophy. Our efforts have yielded significant results.

USV is No. 1 in the OAD market by Rx and by value and No. 1 in Cardiology by Rx. We have held these positions consistently for the past 2 decades.

Brand standing in the OAD market:
  • Glycomet is the No. 1 prescribed brand in the OAD market.
  • Glycomet, Glycomet GP, Pioz, Pioz MF,Glynase and Glynase MF are ranked 1st in their respective categories.
  • Glynase MF, Glycomet & Glycomet GP are among the top 5 by prescriptions in the OAD market.
  • Glycomet GP ranks amongst the top 30 brands in the Indian Pharmaceutical market.
Brand standing in the cardiovascular disease segment:
  • 14 Brands are among the top 3 by value in their respective segments.
  • 6 of these brands - Ecosprin, Ecosprin Gold, Ecosprin AV, Polytorva,Nimodip and Tazloc Trio are ranked 1st.
  • Ecosprin & Ecosprin AV are among the top 2 prescribed brands.
Brand standing in other segments
  • 8 brands are among the top 3 by value in their respective segments.
  • 5 of these brands - Erytop, Anovate, Cataspa, Doxy1 and Vibact solid are ranked 1st.

Each business unit has a focused marketing team responsible for development of innovative marketing strategies that help us establish leadership positions in the markets in which we operate.

Some initiatives adopted by USV include:
  • Disease detection programs
  • Patient education programs
  • Continuous medical education programmes

These programs supplement the efforts of the all India sales team and an extensive supply chain network that ensures continuous availability of all our brands at pharmacies across the country.

Disclaimer: Products under patents are offered for sale only in those countries where patents have expired.

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