Peptides & Nucleotides


Synthetic Peptides

Inhouse capabilies span the the development of novel and non-infringing synthetic processes for peptides which are commercially viable and eco-friendly. USV currently has three synthetic peptide API: Icatibant (US, UK, Canada, Australia), Etelcalcetide (US), Octreotide acetate (US, Mexico, Thailand and Chile) and also offers custom peptide synthesis (CPS) services to its customers.

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  • Microwave assisted solid phase synthesis
  • Conventional solid phase synthesis
  • Solution phase synthesis
  • Unnatural amino acid synthesis
  • Natural amino acid derivatives
  • Resin derivatization
  • Pegylation of Proteins and Peptides
  • Conjugation of Peptides
  • Infrastructure
  • Automated synthesizers upto 450mm i.d. upto 50 L
  • Automated Preparative Column Isolation and Purification systems upto 450mm i.d.
  • Lyophilizer upto 50 L Condenser

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