Custom peptide synthesis,Solid phase peptide synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Custom Peptide Synthesis

USV offers custom peptide synthesis and our customers range from the biomedical research organizations and those in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The custom peptide synthesis unit caters to a client base ranging from innovator companies to premium research institutes in North America, Australia, South Korea, and MENA region.

Cosmetic peptide is a core segment, wherein collagen peptides and novel peptides such as advanced cell penetrating peptides with different conjugations have been delivered. We manufacture fish feed additives/ hormone analogues for customers in the aquatic healthcare segment.

Preclinical and clinical candidates consisting of research grade and GMP peptides have been successfully manufactured by the custom synthesis unit. The unit also manufactures therapeutic peptides that are currently used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

We have consistently maintained the highest standards of quality, service and technical expertise.



USV's highly experienced team of scientists has synthesized peptides ranging from milligram to multikilogram quantities. Since our establishment, we have synthesized more than >2500 different kinds of peptides. The peptides range from di-peptides to peptides having more than 99 amino acid residues.


Solid phase using Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies. Solution phase chemistry.


N-terminal acetylation/deamidation
C-terminal amidation
Site specific peptide modifications Biotinylated peptides
Conjugation to KLH, BSA etc
Fluorescent tagged peptides
Incorporation of unusual amino acids
Cyclic and phosphorylated peptides
Peptide libraries
Chloromethyl Ketone peptides

Equipments for Peptide Process and Analysis:

Lab scale, Multiple and Large scale peptide synthesizers
Analytical, Preparative and Semi preparative HPLC
Low pressure, Medium pressure and Ion chromatography based systems
Amino acid analyzers
Circular dischorishm
Gas Chromatography

GMP Status:

Grams to Multi Kilo scale synthesis of Peptides


With this facility and our highly experienced team of scientists, the quality of each peptide is individually guaranteed and verified.

Active Programme Management:

The capacities, active programme management and in-house testing makes it feasible for us to supply the peptides within the shortest possible time.

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